Know what’s ahead.



Ready to get started? Welcome to Drive Aware…

Get Connected.

Drive Aware is best with an active internet connection so it can display current speed limits and keep you updated with any new traps and road hazards as you drive.

We pre-install an ALL network data SIM that connects to the strongest available signal from any UK mobile network, so you are assured of the best performance and up to the minute information at all times.

But you can choose your own SIM if you wish, use your own internet connection or simply use the pre-loaded database that updates via your home wifi. It’s your choice.  

Mount Drive Aware wherever you like.

 Above the rear view mirror. To the side. On the dash. Above the wheel. Under the seat. 

Stick the swivel mount wherever suits you best. Or use your own magnetic mount. Drive Aware can go just about anywhere. Just make sure you don’t block your view.

Clean and dry the area where you’ll stick the swivel mount to, then peel off the backing and press and hold in place for a minute. Wait 24 hours before using for best adhesion. 

Need more volume? Connect to any bluetooth speaker (or your in-car audio*) and TURN IT UP to 11.

Get Wired.

Plug in to a USB socket to make sure you never run out of charge.  

Just popping out for a paper? Or completing 100 deliveries in a day? You can keep popping in and out while Drive Aware keeps itself ready to go.

What does Drive Aware show me?

The display is deliberately simple and non-distracting.

Your speed, the speed limit (connected devices only) and type of alert are all you see.  

But you’ll hear very detailed audio descriptions for each alert, so you keep your eyes on the road, where they belong.

Drive Aware is the natural in-car evolution of our Ride Aware app for motorcyclists, who rely on hearing concise, detailed, in-helmet alerts.


Drive Aware display landscape

Share. Share. Share.

Drive Aware comes with the world’s first Share Button.

Stick it to the back of your steering wheel, or anywhere else within easy reach and use it to agree or disagree with alerts, and to instantly report new speed trap sightings and road hazards.

You don’t need to touch or even look at the screen. That would be distracting. Just click the Share Button once to report a hazard (you can edit this later) and double click to report a mobile speed trap.

The more active speed traps and dangerous road hazards everyone shares, the more easily we can all Drive Aware


Drive Aware settings

You can customise Drive Aware as much or as little as you like.

If you report any hazards with the Share Button, you can describe them later, when it’s safe to do so. Click on View and Manage Tags to open up the GeoTag portal or view on your computer or tablet at home.

* If you can hear music from your phone through the bluetooth speaker (or from a 2nd phone if you already have your main phone connected via bluetooth) you can do the same with Drive Aware.