Know what’s ahead.





Know what’s ahead.

Speed traps and road hazard alerts.

Always connected and always up to date. Just open on your phone and Drive Aware®.

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The neat, small display is deliberately non-distracting, highlighting your speed, the speed limit and type of alert.


You’ll hear detailed audio descriptions for each alert, so you can keep your eyes on the road, where they belong.

Drive Aware fitted in landscape mode
Drive Aware display landscape

Share. Share. Share.

Drive Aware for Android optionally uses the world’s first Share Button.

Stick it to the back of your steering wheel, or anywhere else within easy reach. Click it to agree or disagree with alerts and instantly report new speed trap sightings or hazards as you drive.

You don’t need to touch or even look at the screen. That would be distracting. Just click the Share Button.


What are community reports and how do they work?

You’ll hear that community reports are distinguished from Trinity database alerts with their own description.

Reports for fixed speed cameras and road hazards are alerted as “Unverified” and “Road hazard”. Each report is then manually investigated here and included in the Trinity database if necessary.

Real-time speed trap sightings are alerted as “Live Alerts” and these diminish over the course of the next 6 hours, before they disappear. The audio alert also changes 4 times during this period to indicate how long ago the mobile camera was reported. If there are multiple reports or independently verified reports, this location enters the Trinity database as a “Stored mobile site”.

That’s why it’s good to Share!

Trinity safety camera alerts.

Drive Aware includes lifetime membership of the expertly verified Trinity® 3.0 database of safety cameras, managed in-house by Cheetah Advanced Technologies, established in 2003.

That’s 19 years of industry expertise as your co pilot. Plus every other Drive Aware owner on the road too.  Everyone helping each other, sharing live speed traps and dangerous road hazards on every journey, all with just the click of a Share Button.

Connected options.

Drive Aware is best with an active internet connection and is required to display the current speed limit and keep you updated with new traps and road hazards in real time. 

Save the planet

We’ve built Drive Aware as a cross platform system. If you prefer to up-cycle an old phone or use your existing phone, you can simply download Ride Aware Drive Aware today

Years industry experience

Alert sites monitored